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Best Friends Vet Hospital
Why Choose Us For Your Pet's Healthcare?

We are Family Owned

With today’s rapid changes in medical and technological advances, it is more challenging than ever for doctors to keep current with the latest improvements in veterinary medicine. Our doctors are required to receive double the annual professional education and training than required by law! This ensures that your pet will never suffer from a lack of knowledge.

Large corporations have taken over human medicine making the “family doctor” an endangered species today. Unfortunately, the same trend is now occurring in veterinary medicine. Large corporate chains push vets hard to produce revenue resulting in a greater focus on profit and causing customer service to become an afterthought. We are not owned by a large corporation; we are owned by private individuals like you. You and your pet will be treated like members of our family… the “family doctor” way.

A portion of your money spent at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital enables us to contribute services to local rescue groups and shelters.

We are a full Service Hospital

This means your pet can receive care as simple as vaccines to as complex as a major surgical procedure. Our advanced care includes all of the following:

  • Emergency Care- we are prepared to treat emergencies that arise with your pet including blood transfusions, emergency surgeries, treatment of shock, and oxygen therapy… just to name a few.
  • Second Opinions- we frequently provide second opinions allowing you to ensure you have investigated all options before choosing what is best for your pet.
  • Laser Surgery- laser surgery offers tremendous benefits to your pet, such as reduced pain after surgery and less blood loss during surgery.
  • Teeth Care- dentistry including digital dental x-rays for earlier diagnosis of pain associated with toothaches in your pet.
  • Internal Medicine- fully equipped hospital facilities to handle more serious medical illnesses enabling us to provide your pet with a greater quality of life and longevity.
  • Blood Pressure- the newest, most accurate technology for detecting high blood pressure before your pet develops life-threatening complications.
  • Eye Pressure- the most advanced eye pressure measurement to allow the earliest detection of pain if your pet develops glaucoma.
  • X-rays and Ultrasound- Complete x-ray and ultrasound imaging services for early disease diagnosis and treatment intervention of your pet.
  • Endoscopy- Equipment that enables us to perform procedures on your pet that would have previously required surgery.
  • Anesthesia- Equipped with surgical monitors that measure heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and blood pressure to greatly reduce your pet’s anesthetic risk. We only use the most modern human anesthetics to ensure your pet’s safety.
  • Pediatric Care- Advanced experience treating diseases of puppies, kittens, and pregnant mothers.
  • Geriatric Care- A strong focus on the special needs of the geriatric patient.
  • Breed Specific Emphasis- Emphasis on preventing illness based on our knowledge of diseases specific to your pet’s breed.
  • In House Laboratory- Ability to perform most blood tests and other diagnostic tests on your pet on an emergency basis enabling prompt treatment improving your pet’s chances of survival.
  • Allergy Testing and Treatment- The most modern allergy testing and treatment available to improve your pet’s comfort.
    About us

    Best Friends Veterinary hospital is a full service, family owned veterinary hospital in Poway, California.  A portion of our process is contributed to support local rescue groups and animal shelters. 

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